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Plans – bookzden

How it works?


Become member
by registerning


Browse & select
book of your


Books will be
delivered at
your doorstep


Read and return
the book after
due date

Steps to follow

  1. In order to receive books on rent, you would need to select a subscription plan below and make the payment through PayPal.
  2. After the payment is complete, you will be redirected to the register page where you need to fill in your details and save the same.
  3. After form registration is complete, you can head to MY ACCOUNT page and you will see that you have received a number of credits you can spend on ordering book/s of you choice
  4. Then head over to SHOP page and select the book you would like to order, add them to the cart and send the order. Each book costs 1 credit and on ordering, it will get deducted from the number of credits you received on buying membership.
  5. After we get your order, we will follow the list order and the listed book/s will be delivered to you at your doorstep.
  6. Once you finish reading the book/s and your renting period for the book/s has expired, the book/s will be picked up by a delivery agent on your behalf and the next book in your order message will be delivered, both on the same day.